Project 52: Week 41pic

Project 52: Week 41

This is an older photo from when I went to the Old National Gallery with my parents. I really want to make a couple of…
Feli Oct 14, 2014
Project 52: Week 40pic

Project 52: Week 40

Sorry for the late post again - Buzznet was weird on Monday and then I didn't have time to post all week. Either way here's…
Feli Oct 09, 2014
Project 52: Week 38pic

Project 52: Week 38

This week started out pretty good and I made sure it stayed that way! On Monday I had appointments with two of my professors -…
Feli Sep 24, 2014
Project 52: Week 37pic

Project 52: Week 37

Another super late post, this should have gone up last Monday and I'll hopefully have the post about the most recent week up tomorrow -…
Feli Sep 21, 2014
Project 52: Week 36pic

Project 52: Week 36

I need to get back to posting the P52 on Monday, otherwise I keep procrastinating and this feels like a job when instead it should…
Feli Sep 11, 2014
Project 52: Week 34pic

Project 52: Week 34

Overall I had a pretty fantastic week! I had to finish my internship report for uni which I wanted to do on Monday. Then a…
Feli Aug 27, 2014
Project 52: Week 31pic

Project 52: Week 31

This week I completed my internship! PARTY! :D But let's start with Monday: I practically worked on a presentation about changes made by the new…
Feli Aug 04, 2014
I was about to go to Berlinpic

I was about to go to Berlin

In Hamburg :)
2 pics
Philippe Jul 22, 2014
Project 52: Week 26pic

Project 52: Week 26

YOU GUYS, I can't believe we're already halfway through the year. This also means it's the halfway point of this Project 52. It has been…
Feli Jun 30, 2014
Project 52: Week 21pic

Project 52: Week 21

This week was pretty great! After finishing my pre-tests I prepared my samples all day on Monday and I managed to perform two tenfold determinations…
Feli May 26, 2014
Project 52: Week 20pic

Project 52: Week 20

I don't think I've ever seen a swan's nest before so I was very intrigued when we saw this beauty. I had to be quick…
Feli May 19, 2014

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Having a lot of small islands and wonderful wonders, Tokyo is among the most beautiful spots to visit. And if you are not just one…
jobuell28 Apr 27, 2014