Nicole Richie Is A Magical Springtime Fashion Fairy

Nicole Richie never misses a fashion beat. The designer, 32, recently dyed her hair lavender, making it officially the most pervasive trend of the season…
Best Hair Salon in Encinovid

Best Hair Salon in Encino

Experience a world class hair salon in Encino that offers affordable yet professional hair care services. They employ highly trained and skillful hairstylist that surely…
gainwebsite Feb 28, 2014

Demi Lovato Pink or Blue Hair

Just when I started to fall in love with Demi Lovato's electric blue hair...she decides to switch it up and dye it Pink just when…
annamazing Feb 19, 2014

Urban Fieldnotes Style Blog

I was walking in the city and I was stopped by Brent Luvaas, a Fashion/Style observer! He found my style interesting and asked me kindly…
LexyMaii Jan 13, 2014