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Hair Cult: Going Pastel

As I`m sitting here researching extra tips and all for the pastel hair, I also decided to share some of them with you. My hair…

When Monsters Claim to Rap

nbsp;     When a dreary mist hangs in the air And the graveyard has that chill That sens you get goes through your hair And makes you feel quite ill   The…

'PSSST Did you Hear That?' Halloween Nail Art Week 2!

‘PSSST Did you Hear That?’ Step 1: Base coat Not 100% necessary, this is just to protect your natural nail and avoid yellowing. Step 2: Base Colour You can…
advalapid Oct 13, 2013 Originally by stephfordays

'PSSST Did you Hear That?' Halloween Nail Art Week 2!

Hey Buzznetters, Hopefully you guys liked last week’s nail design; “Bloody Drippy nails!” Remember it’s all about being creative and having some fun, so feel free…
stephfordays Oct 11, 2013

Time Out

When days start blurring together and all my thoughts are whirl-ing at the speeds of whirl-winds I take a time out and go to that…
jon0h May 08, 2013

Ghoulie Glam Doll Photos by Cat Craig

Dolls styled & Photos by my friend Cat Craig
Nefertara Oct 26, 2012

Day at the cemetery

Next week I am planning a day at the cemetery with a bunch of my friends.....should be fun :D!!!...Once pictures are done they will coming…
Porcelain Aug 09, 2012


I never really admit to this because...I have been judged in the past by it. When ever I am on my travels and see a…
Porcelain Apr 13, 2012

BBV Update!!'s been awhile since I've updated you guys...I've been super busy! I have a part-time job, and have been working super hard to find awesome Spring vintage finds! Bruised…
beckieanngalentine Mar 15, 2012

Jace Everett’s “Bad Things” (Theme to True Blood): A Modern American Classic

How can you tell if a modern work of art is destined to become a classic? Whether it is a band or a song, a…
dancehallpimps Jan 20, 2012

Respect The Dead

A beautiful private graveyard. I don't believe graveyards are frighting and haunted like many would say. In my eyes, they're a lot like parks. In other countries, such as Italy…
McKenna Immortal
McKenna Immortal Apr 05, 2011

Victorian Mansions, Graveyards, abandoned barns, getting lost, adventures in new places.

I love touring around places near home that I dont often go to, we go by places day by day and get blinded by…

graveyard times.

monday was a day. it was a good day! erika and i went to leah's house at 10 pm (who goes to someone's house at 10…
Ronnie Ron
Ronnie Ron Jun 12, 2010

Nubian pyramids

Somehow when people mention pyramids that served as tombs or mausoleums for royalty, we tend to think of Ancient Egypt and its monumental structures. However…
egabriel May 17, 2010

Famous architect of the first pyramid

There are still a lot of early mastaba tombs in the Abydos It is interesting to note that famous Egyptian pyramids are actually descendants of…
egabriel Apr 19, 2010