ICYMI: First Official Trailer For Girls Season 6 Is Out

If you’ve been a fan of HBO’s smash hit, Girls, you’re just as sad as us that we’ll be diving into the sixth and final season of the show Feb. 12. Season five left us with Hannah and her estranged relationship with Adam and Jessa, Marnie hooking up with Ray, Shoshana coming back to NYC, and… More »

Every One Liner From ‘Girls’ You Need To Use On Your Crush

When you have a crush, you deal with a rollercoaster of emotions that often leave you exhausted, and sometimes speechless. Regardless if they’re good or bad, you’ll definitely have moments of wishing you had an awesome one liner to throw your crushes way during a crucial time of communication. Fortunately for all of us, Girls exists… More »

7 Humidity Problems Every Girl Can Relate To

If you live anywhere that isn’t the desert, summer humidity has quickly become your greatest enemy right before mosquitoes. I mean, you know when people say the struggle is real and they’re actually talking about something just sort of unpleasant, but not that difficult like having to go to brunch hungover? Yeah… humidity is an… More »

Girl Power! Top 10 Empowering Female Anthems

Being a girl comes with its ups and downs, but for the most part, we pretty much kill it on a daily basis. While feminism is favorably on the rise, sometimes it’s hard to feel worthy in a male-dominated world. But of course, when Beyoncè reminds you “who run the world” it gets a little… More »

Hot Or Not: Lena Dunham’s Pixie Cut

I kind of worship Lena Dunham for creating GIRLS (which is my reason to live for Sunday nights), but on the real, I’m not a huge fan of her style. Sure she’s a risk taker…

Last Minute Gift Guide for Guys + Gals!


If you’re just now realizing that you haven’t bought all your Christmas gifts yet (or ANY gifts…) and now you’re left last minute shopping, relax. There’s plenty of awesome…

Reasons Why I’m Tired: Living A Life In The Music Industry Without Photoshop

HOT or NOT? Lena Dunham Dyes Her Hair Mint Green

Lena Dunham is the latest celeb to dye her hair a crazy color! The “Girls” star just switched up her platinum blonde locks for a bright mint green color!

The BEST Lip Enhancer


If you’ve always wanted fuller lips, or if your lips have thinned overtime…

Dress Right For Your Girl’s Night (For Under $20!)

Kate Upton, Leslie Mann and Cameron Diaz’s girl crew in “The Other Woman” (in theatres April 25th– trailer below!), has us thinking about the power of having an amazing girl crew in our lives! There is seriously nothing more powerful than the love of awesome friends, and nothing celebrates this fact more than a stellar… More »

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