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Life at CDI College on Instagram by mzkaylamariiee At School Last Nightpic

Life at CDI College on Instagram by mzkaylamariiee At School Last Night

#collegelife #dentrix #dental #scheduling #dentalcodes #dentalprocedures #hardworkpaysoff #typing #latenightassignment at school last night. Source: Tag #cdicollege in your Instagram posts and we will repost the…
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CDI College
CDI College Mar 13, 2014
My Woman's Day 2014 Palmariva Disco Clubpic
lavishy filigree earrings09pic

lavishy filigree earrings09

LAVISHY original design intricate filigree earrings.
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Lavishy Mar 03, 2014
Tattoos-day :- 180214pic

Tattoos-day :- 18/02/14

Today I hasd the pleasure of finishing off this mutant bunny princess thigh piece on the fabulous Charlotte! It's still MEGA bloody in the white…
littlebocreep Feb 18, 2014
QAF is on Netflix !pic

QAF is on Netflix !

In honor of one of my favorite TV shows ever, ‘Queer As Folk,’ being released on Netflix, I wanted to feature the Equal Love bracelet!  It’s…
Laurel Feb 01, 2014
Smile Image Postpic

Smile | Image Post

It's all about the smile this summer! If you're ever feeling a little down, just smile! Seriously. It sounds weird, but if you feel down and…


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overdosefashion Jan 13, 2014
Wiz Khalifapic

Wiz Khalifa

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Callina Marie
Callina Marie Jan 10, 2014
NEW YEAR, NEW LOOK Photo Blogpic


I'm sure the majority of you out there in internet-land know me by my vibrant choices in hair colour. Well - sorry to say that 2013…
Carly Lancaster
Carly Lancaster Jan 04, 2014
Christmas 2013 - With Virginia Marapic
My Seventh Buzzaviersy!pic

My Seventh Buzzaviersy!

Hey guys! First off, today marks seven years of me being on Buzznet! So, here's a photo of me and Rhianna at one of our many…
Quote Of The Dayspic

Quote Of The Days

It's wednesday and it's the middle of the week. Another two more days till friday. It's not just any friday, it's friday the 13th. Are…
Jubedha Dec 11, 2013
32 Of The Funniest Britney Spears Faces Everpic
Jenny walks the streets alone she was fine.pic

Jenny walks the streets alone she was fine.

I remember me and my sister used to play outside and mix these little things with some dirt and make little pies. We would pretend…
Stacey Dec 01, 2013
Tattoo Tea Party Halloweenpic

Tattoo Tea Party Halloween

Halloween was last month - Iknow, I know, I know - but I had to share this awesome group photo from my shoot for Tattoo…
littlebocreep Nov 27, 2013