Hey you!pic

Hey you!

Not you.... Yeah, it's for you fucking bastard. I'm not gonna waste my time with you anymore. Any questions? Your next mistake is gonna be your last.
vitharia Aug 26, 2008

tila time 2008

TILA TEQUILA IS SO HOT IF I WAS A GIRL SHE TURN ME GAY ...... she is the goddes of sexxxines and thats the trufe…
mojoeman Mar 25, 2008


to think you people really cared when me and adam were together and broke up.WELL THEN FU! you just fucked in the head.Adam was suicidal…
caseylove Feb 09, 2008

Worst Day of My Life!!!

Hey,   I  lost my 200kd Ipod! The story is:   I was in my grandmothers house and then  i went out and forgot my bag in my grandmothers…
Mike is sayingpic

woooow my first journal entri

well anyways i made my page look like home (hell is home to me) so anyways my dad is satain and my mom is lilith…
deadghost12 Sep 30, 2006

what the fuck........

okaa what the fuck is the point of posting something up if no1 is commenting on shit i mean come on comment please it gets…
derekslover13 Sep 28, 2006