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Friends across the ocean

I’ve always thought friendship hasn’t bounders, colours, races, but it’s simply love, help and power!

In June 2008, on YT I knew one of the most precious people I’ve ever known in…

Gomenasai (I’m Sorry) – t.A.t.U.

I’ve always loved t.A.t.U. music and this is my fav song of them! I would dedicate it to my best friend Antonella, she’s always been near to me when I needed Love you my doll!

Crazy Friends

I spent a couple of days with my best friend Antonella and as always we enjoyed a lot, we laughed, we embraced and kissed, we shared a lot of things, and we opened our Xmas…

Forever Together

Love you so much my honey

A couple of days in great company

Tomorrow I go to my best friend Antonella, and stay with her a couple of days, I come back home on 30th… The last time we met was on August, for her b-day, and finally we can see again, share our Xmas gifts and stay together, laugh, talk, shoot photos and other things, I’m so… More »

Follow topazaz94 ;)

My American bestfriend Celine made me a surprise and created a profile here on Buzznet, I’m so happy about this! You guys reminded her about her awesome gifts to me, I talked to you guys a lot of times, and her writing on the send about Bill & me… She’s an amazing girl, with such… More »

Urgh o.O

… Antonella shot this pic while i’m watching tv … argh XD

Crazy girz X)

how kill the time ha ha ha we waited Antonella’s mum for cook the dinner, we were so hungry xp

Friendship never ends

Our friendship is so strong, noone can’t divide us, we are an only one!!! I’ve never had a friend like Antonella. She’s unique! If I have a problem, she is here for me. If I’m sad, she makes me smile. If I need of an embrace, she opens her arms to me. I love you… More »

Look into our eyes


We rock u.u



Happy B-Day Doll!!! 08/24/2010

Antonella’s b-day. We were together, again!!! We had a lot of fun!!!!

Here it’s where she will celebrate her b-day with parents on Sunday

Her brother helps me…

Forever Together 08/24/2010

Antonella&Irene Forever Best Friends I love you my fairy

I feel me so sad…

… this morning I had an argue with my best friend… I hope the things come back like before, because I can’t imagine my life without her… she helped me to come to smile after a friendship ended with my other best friend… everyone has own problems and bad moments… the honesty is the base… More »

One Kiss From You ;-)

I would can live near to you..

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