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Film Terrorist - Interview with Fabrizio Federico

Why have you made this film ? I feel like the black sheep of cinema. I’ve always been a black sheep, just different and not being…
kayustahn May 15, 2012

A New Way of Doing Things - Interview with Fabrizio Federico

LID: Do you cover all the bases with your work, it seems like you live and breathe film  ?Fabrizio: It's not just with film, I…
johnnyjimmy Apr 20, 2012

Egg on Cinemas Face (Fabrizio Federico Interview)

Interview with film director Fabrizio Federico (2012)   Why do you feel your work is important ? Many reasons, I want to stand for a freeform way of living, thinking and being…
johnnyjimmy Apr 10, 2012

Gold Memories - Interview with Fabrizio Federico

By Andrew Farrell, February 26, 2012 The films plot seems to be very thin, is there something I’m missing?   Imagination (laughing) But some people are really confused…
johnnyjimmy Mar 05, 2012

Interview with film director Fabrizio Federico

Do you think artists have a personality complex ? I think artists are the ones who carry a personality complex, but are brave enough to do…
johnnyjimmy Jan 20, 2012