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Get The Look: Casual Chic

I thought to create a serie of blogs dedicated to some of my favorite celebs looks: from red carpets through out & about shots. I felt…
Mimi K.
Mimi K. Jul 14, 2014

Biology Boutique x Rosie Says Hello Giveaway

Hey guys! I teamed up with a really awesome boutique called "Biology Boutique" for a little summer giveaway! They sent me a gorgeous "Lace Sunday…
Rose Pendleton
Rose Pendleton Jun 25, 2014
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Rose Pendleton
Rose Pendleton Jun 25, 2014

being a lady

FOS is a lifestyle blog whose mission is to inspire women to beautify their lives from the inside out. Whether in the wardrobe, home, workplace…
jerrydemond Jun 17, 2014

Fashion blog

Right now’s put up is alI about fighting for what you want regardless of the obstacles. It’s about being brave. It’s about being patient. It’s…
protectiveeyesi58 May 24, 2014
Neeshabetha x LL's Lookbook Spoilerpic

Neeshabetha x LL's Lookbook Spoiler
Neeshabetha LL
Neeshabetha LL May 15, 2014


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Rose Pendleton
Rose Pendleton May 14, 2014

Rosie Says Hello x Dressale $5 + Free Clothing Giveaway

Hey Buzznet! I'm doing a little bit of a giveaway with my style blog Rosie Says Hello and wanted to let you guys in on…
Rose Pendleton
Rose Pendleton May 14, 2014

Alternative Choice: Prom Looks For 2014

nbsp;Meow!    So the friggin` Prom is coming and for this year`s Prom I prepared even more daring, hard and hot looks. Inspired by characters…

The 90s Are Back!

This is a comfortable outfit and similar to the 90s! Jacket: Thrift store (you can find one similar)Dress: H&MShoes: ConverseRings: Thrift store and from Claire's and…
stylelover May 05, 2014

I'm A Jerk Gets BIGGER and BETTER Than Ever!

Hey guys! So after talking with my boyfriend about our future plans, I am in the process of getting ready to own my own boutique…

Festival Files: Extreme Thing

This past weekend I hit running to the desert for Extreme Thing Festival. The festival featured pop punk, heavy metal bands, as well as, pro…
gabbiebrown Mar 31, 2014

Fashion Meets Music Festival Announcement

I'm so excited to announce the lineup for Fashion Meets Music Festival, in Columbus, OH! My hometown is putting on a really rad festival that…
gabbiebrown Mar 31, 2014