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POLL: What Pair Of Converse Should I Rock On Tour?

Hey All! I am so excited to announce that after this Fall Out Boy tour I will joining the Demi Lovato tour. I have 3…
Danny Kurily
Danny Kurily Aug 20, 2014

Your Pick: Who's The Hottest NEW Couple of 2014?

Which new love-connection do you think is the hottest of 2014? We want to know which one is YOUR favorite!

Poll: Hollywood's Hottest "It" Girl of 2014

Each of these stars have become mega "It" girls in their own right! We want to know which one you think takes the crown!

POLL: What's Your Fave Bold Hair Color?

Here at Buzznet we are OBSESSED with colored hair. From hair chalk to making it perm we are all about it. It's so hard to…
Callina Marie
Callina Marie May 20, 2014

Who Had The Best Hair Changeup At The Billboard Music Awards?

Last night, at the Billboard Music Awards, the stars tried out some pretty crazy new looks. It seemed like everyone was trying out a new…

Your Pick: 2014 Met Gala's Hottest Couples

There were so many stunning dresses on the red carpet last night! While fashion was in the spotlight so was love! These hot couples are…

Which Celebrity Had The Best Style Transformation?

These celebs are all now major fashion icons, but they didn't start that way! Which fashion transformation is your favorite?

VOTE: What Spring Trend Are You Excited For?

We want to know which spring trend has you excited for the new season! VOTE NOW!

VOTE: Your favorite 2014 fashionsta!?

We want to know who you think has been giving the best 411 party info, the latest runway news and forecasting fashion trends of 2014!…
Barbie Roxy Hagar
Barbie Roxy Hagar Mar 18, 2014

VOTE: Fave Celeb Rocking 2014 Fashion

We want to know who you think as been trending hard! Vote Now!
Barbie Roxy Hagar
Barbie Roxy Hagar Feb 01, 2014

VOTE: Katy Perry's Best Grammy Week Look

It's Grammy Week and Katy Perry has been everywhere celebrating. From the Grammy red carpet to the Grammy Beatles Salute, the singer, 29, has flaunted…

Shoe Off: Vans VS Converse?

It's pretty apparent that Vans & Converse are the must have sneakers to fill in your shoe closet. Every day I see someone wearing one…

Which Cover Girl This Month Are You Loving?

Hey guys, I was out picking up all my monthly magazines and noticed that on the stands there were LOTS of inspirational women on the…
lunaleann Oct 07, 2013

POLL: Who's '90s Double Buns Are Your Favez?

Forget about baby North West. It's Kylie Jenner's '90s double buns that we're all excited about. With every passing day we are taking more and…

July Wrap Up: Kat Von D's Shoes Of The Day

As you may already know, Kat Von D has some serious shoe game. July had some pretty rad selections, which was your favorite pair?