Typical And Not-So-Well-Known Hemorrhoid Relief

All of folks who are adults have suffered along with the insecurities of the own teen years. Remember browsing front for the mirror and mentally…
ottostew Jun 15, 2014

How To Handle Hemorrhoids In Five Easy Steps

Searching just for a natural health drink which help you lose weight without adding calories. Are going to be surprised to choose a very cheap…
ottostew Jun 15, 2014

YouTube Wednesday: meghanrosette, the witty beauty/fashion/lifestyle guru that you will want to be BFFs with!!!

nbsp;        Hello people of the internet, please allow me for a moment to paint a picture for you. A 16 year old girl receives news…
celindareyes Dec 11, 2013

Natascha Franke: "My Everyday Makeup"

Hey guys, I thought making my first post on BUZZNET today! I'll start with a small one, which is about my everyday make-up. It's very simple…

And I don't wanna miss a thing

Reblogged from bekahjayne Lying close to you feeling your heart beating And I'm wondering what you're dreaming, Wondering if it's me you're seeing Then I kiss…
stylelover Jun 30, 2013


Hello everyone! my name is Kamilla, I come from Denmark from a small town that does not really know, so you can tell yourself that…
kamillafischer Mar 18, 2013
My Everyday Eye Makeup Routine!vid

My Everyday Eye Makeup Routine!

Just my current routine. This tends to change a lot, but I've been doing this for the past two weeks or so, so I thought…
jillcimorelli Nov 30, 2012
ps. i love you.pic

ps. i love you.

Looking back I never would’ve imagined myself as a tattooed person. Somewhere along the line, I fell in love with the idea of putting pretty…
Are you the Modern Workwear Chic girl? Then Oscar Milo will make you melt!pic

Are you the Modern Workwear Chic girl? Then Oscar Milo will make you melt!

Oscar Milo's summer Workwear collection 2012. http://www.oscarmilo.com/indexwomen.php?xSec=11&xPage=va&jssCart=964f870ce998cc82d5e883eb1c23d735 Oscar Milo's is a small high end English boutique, selling only the best of the best it prides itself on…
Hayley-D May 31, 2012


Sometimes I see beauty in the mundane, everyday things in my life!  I really like how this turned out, sometimes boredom makes you see things…
Reverie3 May 03, 2012
Daily Grind Post 1 - The beaker towers...pic

Daily Grind [Post 1] - The beaker towers...

Last night, close friend and I went to ease to the Coffee Break. During their massage, we spent our time to blither and we had…
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Audrey M.
Audrey M. Feb 08, 2012

Game Time is Now

Just finished my online rent payments. Now it's time. Time to get back to the project that may change the face of how I do…
punchemman Jan 19, 2012
Everyday Make-Uppic

Everyday Make-Up

A faded colourful flick is perfect for an everyday simple look :)
AndyAlice13 Jan 19, 2012

Out in the Light

Doing online rent payments right now and had something weighing the ol' heart down. I need to publicly confess that I am a huge glutton…
punchemman Dec 28, 2011
Although we don't talk every day..pic

Although we don't talk every day..

I love having someone to think about all the time. I love you
cuzigotswagg Dec 19, 2011