Thoughts from Estonia Pt.2

First of all, thank you all so much for all the wonderful feedback on my last post. It’s always nice to open up and have other Moon Children relate and understand. I personally think honesty is the best policy when it comes to life and although it’s a standard to appear bulletproof and fabulous at… More »

Obsessed: The Enchanted Creations Of Tanel Veenre

Moon Babies, meet the ethereal creations from an Estonian jewelry designer Tanel Veenre <3 I met Tanel a few years ago when he was interviewing me for a local art magazine, and it must have been one of the most interesting half an hour’s of my life because we had so much to talk about… More »

Band To Buzz About Spring ’14: Kye Kye

A couple of weeks ago, I was reading through the newest issue of RELEVANT magazine and came across dreamwave outfit Kye Kye. After giving their…


so wonderful song!!!

Birthday Presents from my Family in Estonia!!!

I received a late birthday gift from my family in Estonia today. They sent me all my favorite things – black bread and this one spice – aroma salt – that they only have in Estonia and that makes every food so much better. I also got some of my favorite JOIK candles and an… More »

Behind the Scenes – Buduaar photo shoot

Ollesummer 2009

Ollesummer 2009

Kerli Teams Up With Sugarpill Cosmetics

Reblogged from Ronnie Ron

Kerli rules, Sugarpill is an awesome makeup brand and Moonchildren are some of the most creative people in the world. So what happens when you combine the three?

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#42 Kerli

This pixieish blonde calls Björk her musical inspiration and Sigur Rós her favorite band. The Estonian beauty has a unique style, is mesmerizing to watch, and has fast become the Queen of Bubble Goth. At only 24, she’s got an “Army of Love” behind her that’s sure to enlist you into the “Moon Children” movement…. More »

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