True Blood 4x3: The Recap Party

"I KNOW I'M A VAMPIRE SNOOKI" Ahahahha. *dies laughing* So Amnesia Eric is 10 kinds of adorable and Sookie is all, I'll help you get through this…
breesays Jul 10, 2011
Eric Northman aka My Baby Daddypic

Eric Northman (aka My Baby Daddy)

Mostly, he is everyone’s favorite character and with a good reason. He is bad ass and charming and funny and witty and sexy and really…
El Rich
El Rich Jun 29, 2011

True Blood 4x2: Punk Rock Bill Compton & Amnesia Eric

Ok so Bill isn't a witch or whatever he's just THE KING (of Louisiana) and I guess the Vampire King somehow has some investment in…
breesays Jun 27, 2011
Twue Bwud: A Vampire Speech Impediment Parody of True Bloodvid

Twue Bwud: A Vampire Speech Impediment Parody of True Blood

It took me a couple of times to catch all of it, but this is hilarious!
Artist Jane
Artist Jane Jun 15, 2011
Favorite Scene of True Blood Season 2vid
Alexander Skarsgrd pic

Alexander Skarsgård ♥

Eric Northman from True Blood
Jennifer Sep 05, 2009
In True Blood, Vampire Eric is hotter than Vampire Bill: yn?pic
Alexander Skarsgrdpic

Alexander Skarsgård

love love love ♥ he's so amazing ♥
Jennifer Aug 31, 2009