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Lauren Zaknoun
Lauren Zaknoun Jul 16, 2013
Eric Lambert, Bless the Fall warped tour Portland Oregon 2012pic
Blessthefall: Crazy Tour Experiences And 2012vid

Blessthefall: Crazy Tour Experiences And 2012

Blessthefall talk to O2 Academy TV about their craziest tour experiences, writing songs and much more.
Martina Satoriova
Martina Satoriova Jan 29, 2012
Beau Bokanpic

Beau Bokan

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Martina Satoriova
Martina Satoriova Oct 06, 2011
Eric Lambertpic

Eric Lambert

I love him. (:
shayeholcombe Jul 17, 2011 Originally by gothickittie123


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FemkeFerSure Dec 20, 2009

Opposites attract

If i had to describe myself in one word, i wouldn't be able to. If i had to stereotype myself, i wouldn't be able to…
echonovember Sep 12, 2009
Funneehh BTF Interview PunkTvvid

Funneehh BTF Interview (PunkTv)

This one as well is from 'o7 but oh well. It's still hilarious. "I'm a red head with a soft fire for desire" XD
jajudot Jan 02, 2009

blessthefall or Escape the Fate?

Which of the bands do you like better?
Whatever happened...pic

Whatever happened...

to the love and support? Everything is so fucked up now
blessthefall Merch Table April 22nd, 08 - Edmonton, Albertapic
BTF Guitarist, Eric Lambert Madeline April 19th, 08 - Calgary, Albertapic
His Last Walkvid

His Last Walk

Blessthefall His Last Walk His Last Walk


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gothickittie123 Mar 30, 2008