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What Are Your New Years Eve Plans?

2014 is coming to an end. We still have one more night to celebrate all of our accomplishments of this year and ring in 2014…

POLL: Which Jeffree Star Cosmetics Lipstick Are You Buying First?

As you probably have seen, I am releasing my first 3 liquid to matte lipsticks from Jeffree Star Cosmetics on Black Friday! The response has…
jeffreestar Nov 12, 2014

The Ultimate Halloween Candy Poll

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! It doesn't get much better than dressing up in costume and consuming an insane amount of candy! Halloween candy is my absolute favorite…

How excited are you for season 6 of The Vampire Diaries?

I don't know about you guys, but I love TVD and I have been anticipating season 6 since I watched the season 5 finale. The…

POLL: Who Has The Better Booty?

It's the battle of the booties!!!! It's no mystery that having a little more junk in the trunk is not only a good thing but…
Kimberly Cole
Kimberly Cole Aug 28, 2014

POLL: What Pair Of Converse Should I Rock On Tour?

Hey All! I am so excited to announce that after this Fall Out Boy tour I will joining the Demi Lovato tour. I have 3…
Danny Kurily
Danny Kurily Aug 20, 2014

Poll: Which A-List Celeb Aged Best 20+ Years Later?

Age looks good on these A-List celebs, but which star do you think looks the best?

Kesha's Hair Rainbow: Which Color Do You Like Best?

Kesha has rocked pretty much every color hair possible. She's practically a rainbow and I LOVE it. It's so hard to choose which color I…

Your Pick: Who's The Hottest NEW Couple of 2014?

Which new love-connection do you think is the hottest of 2014? We want to know which one is YOUR favorite!

Poll: Hollywood's Hottest "It" Girl of 2014

Each of these stars have become mega "It" girls in their own right! We want to know which one you think takes the crown!

Jamie Dornan: Scruff Or No Scruff?

Ever since being cast as Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey, Jamie Dornan's name has become well known. He has been in the industry…
Patrick Scott
Patrick Scott Jul 25, 2014

Celebrity Childhood BFFs! Who's Your Favorite?

In Hollywood, it seems celebrities are only friends with other celebrities. Maybe it's because they understand how hard it is living in the spotlight, or…
AmehKristine Jul 20, 2014

OWN's "Lindsay' To Be Continued?

The Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) aired Lindsay Lohan's docu-series "Lindsay" on March 9th to come on every Sunday night at 10/9c. I know I enjoyed…
Mandi Jun 21, 2014

2000's Rewind: Which DCOM's Infamous Musical Number Is Your Favorite?

The best DCOMs always had at least one huge musical number that made the entire movie. This was always a song that we would end…

2000's Rewind: Which DCOM Holds The Biggest Place In Your Heart?

DCOM: Disney Channel Original Movie a.k.a. the best years of my childhood. All of life's lessons were learned from the brilliant DCOMs from the late…
Bianca Dansoh
Bianca Dansoh Apr 09, 2014