2015 Updatevid

2015 Update

So this is a veryveryveryveryvery overdue video explaining why my channel has been so quiet over the past year. I'll be posting here a lot…
thelittlebocreep Jun 20, 2015

New Release by Rising Southern Rapper & Producer Ande Bishop

New track "Window Seat" by rising Southern rapper & producer Ande Bishop Premiered by the UK's Shout 4 Music as part of their feature on him https://soundcloud.com/rouletterecords/ande-bishop-window-seat-prod-by-donato-ande-bishop http://www.shout4music.com/features/track-premiere-a-qaa-ande-bishop…
zanzir Jun 04, 2015

My Morning Marmoset. My Marmozets Madness

weiRd and wondeRful excursion coming up just as soon as i transmogrify my insides.   rattatat tat, my spirit animal is a onemanwolfpack.   GOD HELP ME! i have a…
Rob Evanoff
Rob Evanoff May 25, 2015