2015 Updatevid

2015 Update

So this is a veryveryveryveryvery overdue video explaining why my channel has been so quiet over the past year. I'll be posting here a lot…
thelittlebocreep Jun 20, 2015

New Release by Rising Southern Rapper & Producer Ande Bishop

New track "Window Seat" by rising Southern rapper & producer Ande Bishop Premiered by the UK's Shout 4 Music as part of their feature on him https://soundcloud.com/rouletterecords/ande-bishop-window-seat-prod-by-donato-ande-bishop http://www.shout4music.com/features/track-premiere-a-qaa-ande-bishop…
zanzir Jun 04, 2015

My Morning Marmoset. My Marmozets Madness

weiRd and wondeRful excursion coming up just as soon as i transmogrify my insides.   rattatat tat, my spirit animal is a onemanwolfpack.   GOD HELP ME! i have a…
Rob Evanoff
Rob Evanoff May 25, 2015
Sarantos - We Accept The Love We Think We Deservevid

Sarantos - We Accept The Love We Think We Deserve

http://www.melogia.com New rock song "We Accept The Love We Think We Deserve" is an emotional piece about domestic violence.  Now that the Super Bowl is over…
serdefred Feb 11, 2015
Moving to England!pic

Moving to England!

So a couple of weeks ago the best thing in the world has happened- I moved to England! Well, not to live here permanently, but…
byejuly Feb 04, 2015