Stars can't shine as bright as you do. Chapter 1.

Lexi: I was sitting there, in front of my date staring into space....Not listening nor intrested in what he was doing or saying. There was a…
I freakin LOVVVEEEEE this!!!!pic

I freakin LOVVVEEEEE this!!!!

Sweet Lolita <333
Izzy Trash
Izzy Trash Jan 21, 2012 Originally by phillydiamond
I freakin LOVVVEEEEE this!!!!pic

I freakin LOVVVEEEEE this!!!!

This has to be my favorite pic in this whole gallery. Like I said before in the Sweet Lolita Gallery (look on my page if…
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Breakfast of Championspic

Breakfast of Champions

I shot this one about 2 weeks ago and It took me awhile to figure out how i wanted it edited :/ The original had…
as i try to hide...from you.pic

as i try to hide...from you.

i want to just hide from you and how you make me feel...amazing. but since i cannot have that i want to forget it ever…
emmii1123 May 19, 2008
if I am lolita...you are a criminal...pic


the half chinese mate :P
julienlacelle Mar 09, 2008


my half-chinese pal at work :P
julienlacelle Mar 02, 2008
Emilie Autumnpic
Emilie Autumnpic

Emilie Autumn

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miserypassion Jan 23, 2008
I have been young and retarded too.pic
Flowers Emilie Simonvid
fellforgee Feb 23, 2007