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New Page Custom Madepic

New Page Custom Made

Kay made me this AMAZING new banner and background! While she was drawing and animating, I was shooting the screen with my camera!  This is…
CANDLE Jan 11, 2013
Finally, fall is really here...pic

Finally, fall is really here...

It's the first time, if I'm right, that I spent time to looking for the perfect photo for a photo challenge, for showing how the…
Audrey M.
Audrey M. Oct 14, 2012


Rich drew Robyn for me!  I LOVE IT!!!!  She would LOVE to chase those mice!  When I get into my new apartment, this is going…
CANDLE Sep 25, 2012
Bondage Dress Commissonpic

Bondage Dress Commisson

Commission i've been working on inspired by bondage.
Marc May 24, 2012
Good Morning Mr. Breakfast!! photo assignmentpic

Good Morning Mr. Breakfast!! (photo assignment)

I don't have italian blood in my veins for nothing. Caffè is my really first darling sin. I tasted it a lot before loving, but my…
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Audrey M.
Audrey M. Apr 26, 2012
Photo Assignment: Spring Is In the Airpic

Photo Assignment: Spring Is In the Air

What does spring mean to me? I don't remember wondering this question before. When spring is coming back, the time is coming for a walk outside…
Audrey M.
Audrey M. Apr 10, 2012
HAPPY Saint Patrick's Day Paddy's Day Patty's Day Fte de la Saint Patrick yall!!!pic

HAPPY Saint Patrick's Day / Paddy's Day /Patty's Day / Fête de la Saint Patrick yall!!!

This is it!! We are on March 17th, the ST PADDY's DAY or ST PATRICK's DAY where everybody have a good reason to get together…
Audrey M.
Audrey M. Mar 17, 2012
So happy right now!pic

So happy right now!

I just logged into Buzznet for a quick check and this is what I see! Thank you so much Rihanna, El Rich and Buzznet. Best…
Vladimir Dec 19, 2011
Gaga Illustrationpic

Gaga Illustration

Another post i had to reupload because buzznet deleted it
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Marc Sep 22, 2011
G is for Greenpic

G is for Green

A couple of years ago I found these amazing illustrations about "The Seven Deadly Sins" and I thought this is the perfect photo for the…
Mimi K.
Mimi K. May 25, 2011
Reason 89724872 why I love BUZZNETpic

Reason 89724872 why I love BUZZNET

Thank you my fellow Buzznet family for sending me a 21st Birthday Card :) I can't even begin to describe how inspiring and motivating the…
Kate Cordova
Kate Cordova May 10, 2011
How Special is This Man?pic

How Special is This Man?

bet you guys don't have co-workers as dreamy as Rich.
Elise Apr 29, 2011
Day 037pic

Day 037

Currently listening to "The Way We Talk" by The Maine Today my 365 Project is overlapping with El Rich's 365 Project. BUZZNET PARTY!! A couple of…
KatieJRod Feb 06, 2011


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hollywooddakid Dec 08, 2010