Synth Saturday (4-19-14)

Hey everyone! Happy Saturday! I hope you're all enjoying your Easter weekend. Enjoy this week's Synth Saturday playlist! If you're going on a road trip, this…
Tina 4 hrs ago

Happy Easter: The Sweetest Of All Possible

Dear friends, I know that the next few days may be unique for you. I thought a lot of the concept for this blog. But…
Entire Easter Story In A Song - Lyrics Videovid

"Entire Easter Story In A Song" - Lyrics Video

Click: http://www.gospeljazzbyhlsteins.com  John 3:16 The Gospel Of Grace Artist - Gospel Jazz by HL Steins c2013   Very few songs cut to the chase regarding the Gospels, the Crucifixion…
serde222 7 hrs ago

Easter Celebration all Around the World - Part 2

Easter is just around the corner. Easter week is currently being celebrated all over the world. Yesterday, it was Good Friday and tomorrow, it will…
jackflaming 9 hrs ago
It's A Jesus Morning - Lyrics Videovid

"It's A Jesus Morning" - Lyrics Video

Click: http://www.gospeljazzbyhlsteins.com  Artist - Gospel Jazz by HL Steins c2013 As Easter Dawns this gospel jazz artist wonderfully structured metaphoric song points us all - to the…
serde222 9 hrs ago
Topshop Nailspic

Topshop Nails

4 pics
Yuliya Zhelbakova
Yuliya Zhelbakova 9 hrs ago


So this was my attempt at making an Easter Bunny in cake form. I never said I was good at baking !!! LOL From a scanned…
Pastel Nailspic

Pastel Nails

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Yuliya Zhelbakova
Yuliya Zhelbakova 13 hrs ago

What's Your Favorite Easter Candy?

Easter is Sunday and I can't stop thinking about all the yummy candy I will most definitely be consuming. From chocolate to jelly beans I…
Easter nailspic
EpicErin Apr 17, 2014
Pastels, Bunnies, Chicks More: Springtime Easter Nail Artpic
Angry Birds, Big Cats Golden Eggs!vid

Angry Birds, Big Cats & Golden Eggs!

NEW Angry Birds Golden Egg Levels Discovered at Big Cat Rescue! Watch tigers, lions, leopards, cougars and lynx, having fun searching for and DESTROYING their…
bigcatrescue Apr 15, 2014

Easter Celebration all Around the World - Part 1

Though Easter is a Christian festival, it is celebrated in many countries all around the world. Easter is celebrated to welcome Jesus Christ who resurrected…
jackflaming Apr 15, 2014
Easter Craft for Children!vid

Easter Craft for Children!

Join Tayla as she teaches how to make Easter bunny ears. In this tutorial video your children will learn easy to follow step by step…
teatimewithtayla Apr 14, 2014
Easter Edition: Inspiration Gallery!pic