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This Is Why Politics Suck

Tomorrow is Inauguration Day. Now, depending on who you voted for – or if you even cared to vote at all (no judgement here) – this will either be a day of triumph or a day of never-ending hell. But isn’t that what politics are anyway? Just a load of bullshit a candidate promises in… More »

Hot or Not: Katy Perry With Bleach Blonde Hair

By now, we’re all used to seeing Katy Perry rock crazy colored hair. She’s tried every color of the rainbow, but when she popped up in Palm Springs to support the unveiling of artist Sham Ibrahim’s portrait of  president-elect Trump on Saturday January 14, she had a crop of bleach blonde hair. Whether it was to… More »

10 Resolutions We Wish Our Fave Celebs Would Make in 2017

2017 is right around the corner which means everyone is stewing on resolutions for the fresh year. While we all probably default to the usuals… losing weight, exercising more, making more money… wouldn’t it be nice to dream about what some of our favorite celebrities could resolve to do? With that in mind, here are… More »

8 Things From 2016 We’d LOVE To Forget

At this point, it’s safe to say 2016 was not a world class year. In fact, most people I know are ready for this insane year to be OVER and done with. If you’re reflecting on the past 11 months wondering why it was such a shit show, let’s help you pour a little bit of… More »

8 Reasons To Rock The F*cking Vote Today

Election day is here!  With all the wild presidential race turmoil, the Hillary Clinton Vs. Donald Trump cage match is nearly over. Whether you’re really into one candidate or still trying to decide, the important part is that you VOTE! Here are 8 reasons to have to rock the fucking vote: It’s a glorious, glorious… More »

LA Leapfrogging Ep. 6: Who Would You Rather Moonwalk With?

LA Leapfrogging Ep. 6 : Armen & GiGi Go to the Griffith Observatory!

In this sixth ‘man (and woman!) on the streets’ episode, Armen and GiGi leapfrog their way to the starrier side of L.A. at…

Taylor Swift Jumps For Joy At CMT Win, Pulls a ‘Thelma and Louise’

What does one do when they win an award? If you’re Taylor Swift, you jump up and down in your dressing room and tweet about it! Last night’s CMT…

Things That Are Funnier Than Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino

So, last night was the Comedy Central Roast of Donald Trump.  And among the celebrities chosen to appear and comment on the man who tried to copyright “You’re Fired” was Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino from…

Tight Fashion: Too Tight

Aubrey O’Day, Jenna Jameson, and Carol Alt display nose dive fashion Celebrities at the Celebrity Apprentice viewing party at Tenjune in New York City (02/07/08). Jenna Jameson and Tito Ortiz: But will they have a baby? Ivanka Trump: Frozen, but not squinting. Aubrey O’Day: But did Diddy Do Dat? Carol Alt:… from

Why is Donald Trump so Obsessed with Rosie?

Page Six reports: Donald Trump has unleashed a secret weapon in his feud with Rosie O’Donnell – a gigantic black undergarment she wore in the movie “Exit to Eden,” which Trump sent to Barbara Walters on Monday to hang on the office wall at “The View.” The girdle-like outfit – variously described… from

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