Pride or Die: Jessi Jae Joplin featured in Dolls Kill Lookbookpic
Pyramid Clutchpic
Bek Jul 17, 2014
How Fuckin' Adorable! x Valley Doll Essentials!pic


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Rose Pendleton
Rose Pendleton May 14, 2014

God Save The Queen - Dolls Kills Review

Si eres una chica al aque le agrada el rock&roll y el metal, deseando que muera toda la cultura pop, ademas que buscar mas negro…
Micchi  Chavarria
Micchi Chavarria May 07, 2014

Edible Trends x How many licks does it take to reach the center of a Nebula?!

Whether it's Candy Planets or Creature Eyes, Designer Lollipops can make quite the statement piece at parties, weddings, and special occasions or even used as a prop…
Barbie Roxy Hagar
Barbie Roxy Hagar May 01, 2014

☁ Follow Me To Heaven ☁

The love of heaven makes one heavenly. -William Shakespeare This beautiful spring weather has made me feel quite heavenly. I have been doing everything I can to…
Misty Mason
Misty Mason Apr 30, 2014
Trending Hard on Instagram x Week IIIpic
Barbie Roxy Hagar
Barbie Roxy Hagar Apr 26, 2014