Kaya Episode 1 Video Diaryvid

Kaya Episode 1 Video Diary
tanya1979 Jun 02, 2008

For 2008. Exciting stuff.

Day Theory :New and improved for 2008...Coming Soon" Rock / Pop   Joe MacLeod , Jesse Smith , Morgan Smith , Dave Rosin MySpace: Add Them Related BuzzNet Groups Comprised…
tanya1979 Apr 27, 2008
Justin Joe... Divaspic

MEH. I felt like it.

This is some of the stuff I have on my FS. Bio (About Joe) MTVs Kaya (About Kaya) Fake MTV Cribs .
tanya1979 Dec 03, 2007
Beautiful...Joe MacLeod.vid

Looking for a graphic maker. If you also want to join my mailinglist.

Visit My WebsiteIf you want to subscribe to my mailing list, which includes updates, news and blogs.Please send me a message with your email address…
tanya1979 Dec 01, 2007
Little Fly- Joe MacLleodvid

Do you watch MTV Kaya ?

MTV Kaya has been airring since Oct 22nd 2007. I would like to know how many people watch it.
tanya1979 Nov 24, 2007

JoeCast has come to a end ? POSSIBLY.

You can go and have a listen to the possible last installment of JoeCAST .  There are 10 Pod Casts to listen to, you can also…
tanya1979joefan Nov 23, 2007
Day Theory.pic
Watch KAYApic

Chat With Joe MacLeod

Chat With Joe MacLeod CHAT WITH JOE (Virtual Kaya Chat) He will be on Nov 14 Wednesday night at 5:30pm West Coast time for a couple of…
tanya1979 Nov 14, 2007
Kaya trailer capturepic
tanya1979 Nov 11, 2007

140 now. Thanks.

Over 140 now.  Ok, the banner refuses to work.  So here is the link instead.   More people are catching on and joining.  Yay. Thanks to those…

Over 140

Over 140 now.   More people are catching on and joining.  Yay. Thanks to those that have joined. 
tanya1979 Nov 08, 2007