Kinky Kawaiivid

Kinky Kawaii

I'm very excited to be performing for the first time in nearly two years at my friend's party Red Light this coming Saturday! The theme…
Stella Rose
Stella Rose Apr 11, 2013

Easter Bonnet Inspiration

I recently created these identical sheer velvet and tulle bonnets for the Daughters of Devotion. The design was based off the exaggerated collars in a…
Stella Rose
Stella Rose Mar 30, 2013

Daughters of Devotion Wearing Crowns by the Church of Vanity

NYC style icons Daughters of Devotion wearing custom crowns i made. The crowns are by my fashion label the Church of Vanity. I had sooo…
Nefertara Feb 21, 2013

Daughters of Devotion Rocking the Church of Vanity Eyelashes at NY Fashion Week 2013

Hi friends, Here are some custom lashes I made for some of my favorite ladies. NYC style icons Daughters of Devotion rocking custom doll eyelashes by The…
Nefertara Feb 11, 2013

Now Trending: Caged Beauty

Spring 2013 is all about caged beauty. Cage skirts, belts, hats, jackets, corsets, purses, and collars are all the rage. Cage pieces can instantly add…
Nefertara Dec 17, 2012
P-town space princesses: Nefertara with the Daughters of Devotionpic

P-town space princesses: Nefertara with the Daughters of Devotion

P-town space princesses with the twins Kindra & Laura @ the Provincetown Carnivale 2012
Nefertara Oct 21, 2012