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Kiki Kannibal and Dakota Rosepic
Dakota Rose's New Years Resolutionspic

Dakota Rose's New Years Resolutions

Dakota Rose is not only Kiki Kannibal's gorgeous little sister (see photo above), she is a co-creator of KND Kouture. She and her sis have…
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Aviva Dec 27, 2010
scene queen?!?pic

scene queen?!?

this term is seriously 2006. its 2010. the whole scene shit is way over, all the scene queens grew up.
RebeccaAnne Sep 06, 2010
Anyone remember Kiki Kannibal and Dakota Rose? They still alive?pic
my favpic
passioncupcake Jun 30, 2009
Dakota Rosepic

Dakota Rose

Well yeah its aint perfect enough!! koti is much cutier *myOpinion* :]
mrsfreakinnimarex Jun 06, 2009
My Scene Queens door 2.pic

My Scene Queens door 2.

This is my Scene Queens door 2. pic by: me :)
bejus May 17, 2009
Dakota Rose new pic!! :pic
dakota in vexelpic
Koti so cute!! :pic
Kiki on the beachpic
bejus Jun 15, 2008
hmm haha Kiki is Hayley!? :Dpic
Kiki Kannibal encounters buttercups on then roadpic
Koti Rose-webcam pics :pic
Koti Rose : I love her new hair!!!pic