Either Way ONESHOT

Long time no oneshot, buzznet. This is inspired by Either Way by The Generationals. Although it's not exactly Halloween-themed, I think it's different and something…
Jenna Oct 31, 2011

Bun In The Oven ONESHOT

I actually really, really like this one. I can't emphasize that enough. Take your time, read it all, I'd appreciate that 100%.  It was worse…
Jenna Sep 29, 2010
Mumsy Dearestpic

Mumsy Dearest

A quick pic of my mom after buying a new parasol at the Renaissance Faire on Sunday. Doesn't she look cute?
looking downpic

looking down

It struck me today that it's been years since I heard anyone use the word 'cutesy'. I should start a revival.
bulletproofbra Nov 04, 2005