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His Laughpic

His Laugh

Everytime I see/hear him laugh I cannot help but giggle myself. It's the most adorable thing in the world. It kills me.
ktchristine Apr 26, 2013
Ryan Goslingpic

Ryan Gosling

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Samii Ryan
Samii Ryan Dec 27, 2012
Hannah in Crazy Stupid Lovepic

Hannah in ‘Crazy Stupid Love’

We LOVE LOVE LOVE Emma as the adorable Hannah in "Crazy Stupid Love." Emma and Ryan Gosling make the BEST couple!
Patty Nov 03, 2011
Ryan Gosling Goes Blonde...BLEACH Blonde!pic

Ryan Gosling Goes Blonde...BLEACH Blonde!

Permanent change? I kind of hope not. The 30-year-old 'Crazy, Stupid, Love' actor Ryan Gosling was seen with a shockingly new bleach blonde hairdo in…
NoeliaT Jul 28, 2011
Star Style: Emma Stone gets Crazy, Stupid, Lovelypic

Star Style: Emma Stone gets Crazy, Stupid, Lovely

Step aside people, Emma Stone is nearing full fashionista status! Emma attended the premiere of her latest flick Crazy, Stupid, Love in a gorgeous edgy black…
Sylvs Jul 20, 2011