Crackheads Gone Wild.

Who in the heck would make a dvd like that?! It's sick! Seeing an addict give a man a BJ just torn me the fuck…
Ohfuuuuuck Jun 26, 2009
Duet For Crackheadsvid

Duet For Crackheads

Musical duet rendition of an excerpt from my poem, "Crack Motel: The Crackheads Are Coming" sung by me and a sepia-toned friend.
marquisdejolie Jun 28, 2008
The Crackheads Are Coming Songvid

The Crackheads Are Coming Song

A parody of a childhood song twisted to the street with lyrics from my poem "The Crackheads Are Coming" sung by a friend and lipsynced…
marquisdejolie Jun 26, 2008
Visiting The Shelter, Part 4vid

Visiting The Shelter, Part 4

A mini-series about visiting a homeless veterans transitional living facility shelter in Inglewood, California where I used to live. This episode: Bobby Didn't Make It.
marquisdejolie Mar 16, 2008

crackheads..beware of the crackheads

i walk all over hollywood.... i walk to work, i walk to get food, i walk to drink booze, i walk home.   so it's any other tuesday…
groovegal23 Jan 31, 2008
Holdin' Back A Big Assed Angry Tigressvid

Holdin' Back A Big Assed Angry Tigress

Nonfiction prose about life at a weekly rate crack motel.
marquisdejolie Nov 29, 2007

Crackhead Train Rides and Sunday Morning Blues

As opposed to my usual half hour train ride departing from the comforts of my own home, I was at Darlings house last night and…
missmarieh Apr 29, 2007
annarexia Apr 16, 2007
hey look its brandon!pic
awesomer Aug 07, 2006