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In My Bag - Summer 2012

It has been a little while since I have done one of these posts, but while it may still be Spring we here in Florida…
Sylvs May 05, 2012
Downtown. Underground.pic

Downtown. Underground.

Image [ and labor-intensive D.I.Y. jacket ]by Brian Landes of Ready Aim Fire Photography

Exceedingly Extracted. Excitingly Excerpted.

And otherwise  F l o u n c e d Love your guts, Queen Staceface! ♥[ &.thanks.&.thanks.&.thanks ! ]  “ From Flouncing About : Cottonmouth Kisses  ⟦…
clintcatalyst Sep 27, 2011

Since 2000 : Keeping The ' Litter ' In Literature

Hey, Check It Out YOU GUISE—Like a 21st Century Episode of The Twilight Zone, I’m Trapped in a Surreal Static-Tinged Dreamscape, Ever-Creepin’ on The Aud-a-Rama…
clintcatalyst Aug 17, 2011

Because Mad Style Is A Weapon, And Beauty A Skin We All Shed

Despite stringent laws in her homeland, Iris Schieferstein utilizes taxidermy as an artistic medium. "When I began working with dead animals, I would pick them up…
clintcatalyst Jul 19, 2011

And After Fifteen Hits Of Blotter

hellip; I Realized The Voices In My Head Had Been Right All Along. [ re-blog, via fuckyeahtrippyimages ] : [ Many Thanks; Many Thanks ! ] Imported from…
clintcatalyst Jun 26, 2011

On The ‘Gareth Pugh’ Tip

. . . This GIF, A Taste : Like Slick Black Liquorice    Because There's Black Magic In The Movement   Imported from a form of psychological blood-letting
clintcatalyst May 12, 2011
Audrey Kitching, Clint Catalyst, Dirk Mai and...vid

Audrey Kitching, Clint Catalyst, Dirk Mai and...

CHICKEN HEAD! Chicken Head! Mad cazh footage shot by milliner extraordinaire, Winter Muellender, back in the days of her tartan-tastic accessories line created under the moniker…
Pained and Painted -- Spoken Word by Clint Catalystvid

"Pained and Painted" -- Spoken Word by Clint Catalyst

featuring portrayals by Audrey Kitching, Lorraine Caley, Kaiden Blake, Kat Lee, Hilary Goldberg and CCx Hair by the Almighty Irene Urias of Hairroin Salon. (Cue genuflection…

'1000 Ways to Die'

If you're hangin' near a television set this Tuesday eve, 8:30 in the PST...       You can catch me playin' a cold-blooded character* on SPIKE TV's…
re-blog LA Fashion Week: SKINGRAFT's 2 Year Anniversary Partypic

[re-blog] LA Fashion Week: SKINGRAFT's 2 Year Anniversary Party

3/16/2011 Clint Catalyst at the SKINGRAFT Anniversary Party Los Angeles, California Photo by Erica Lauren
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Clint Catalyst

Clint Catalyst – Most Likely To Write a Book Of Poetry Darker Than The Souls of 10,000 Baby Goths
Aviva Dec 29, 2010

"You Can Pin & Mount Me/Like A Butterfly..."

The talented & obscenely prolific Bethalynne Bajema has rendered my likeness in oil, an act for which I’m most grateful (& humbled). While the painting itself…
Giving 'Spontaneous Runway' In Deseret Industries a.k.a. Werk With What Cha Gotpic

Giving 'Spontaneous Runway' In Deseret Industries (a.k.a. "Werk With What Cha Got")

Photograph by the multi-talented Zoetica Ebb, for ChinaShop magazine I wish I were able to link directly to her post, which chronicles our sleep-deprived antics (including…