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My inner Jenny Humphry

I have been watching way too much Gossip Girl lately, I am in love with all the outfits and even the plot lines have become…
Itsjustjessa Feb 04, 2014

Gossip girl finale //serena and dan xoxo

Tonight is the last and final episode of gossip girl...& i am so excited there is so much thats gunna happen on the show...aww i…
annamazing Dec 17, 2012

'Gossip Girl' Season Finale: Blair Finally Chooses Her Man, Lots Of Departing & A Divorce

As you Gossip Girl-ers know, last night was the season finale of Gossip Girl season five! This recap will contain spoilers, as usual, so if…
Naz Buzz
Naz Buzz May 15, 2012

Happy Birfday Zachary Levi!

Today is Zachary Levi's 31st Birfdayyyyy! Yayyy!  I have to admit, I don't actually watch Chuck, but my friends tell me it's awesome! But, I…
pishelle Sep 29, 2011

Album Review: Sum 41's 'Screaming Bloody Murder'

Upon first listen (and yes, I cheated and listened to the leak, but did not and will not illegally download it!), I honestly didn't like…
amymarissa Mar 25, 2011

Dan And Blair Kiss (photo inside)

Now i know there is a controversy when it comes to Blair's relationships. At first it was Blair and Nate, and then it was Blair…
Antigoni Mar 01, 2011

Careful: Chapter 8

VERY GRAPHIC Chapter 8               When Kirsty and I got of the plane, I honestly had no idea what I was going to do now.  I had…
JoanofArc Jan 10, 2011

Careful:Chapter 7

This chapter is an inbetweener, kinda to make you anticipate what’s to come.  That’s why it’s short, and I’m lazy too :P Chapter 7               I sat on…
JoanofArc Jan 09, 2011

Careful:Chapter Six

  Chapter 6               Everything must be confusing for anyone on the outside.  It’s even all very confusing for me.  But, here’s the best way I can…
JoanofArc Jan 08, 2011

Careful: Chapter 5

nbsp; Chapter 5               Sierra and Kirsty walked in and hugged me.  I couldn’t help but notice the way I felt when they walked in, even if…
JoanofArc Dec 27, 2010

Careful: 2

Chapter 2               Sara and I walked in the front door of Josh and I’s condo/apartment.  Kirsty was surprisingly not waiting to tackle me down.  Sara…
JoanofArc Dec 06, 2010

Careful: Chapter 1

  Chapter 1               My name is Erin, and recently I’ve came into a bit of trouble.  3 months ago I almost lost my life in an…
JoanofArc Dec 01, 2010

Quirky Doesn't Come Quickly!

nbsp;Hello Buzznet! Sorry for my absence. Life has been a little hectic- in a good way! I've been going on lots of adventures, garage-saling(a Summer…
josiejadore Apr 28, 2010

Love Is Just Another Name For Suicide Chapter 7

nbsp; Yay! Chapter 7!!!  OH IF YOU WATCH THE SHOW 'CHUCK' YOU'LL LOVE THIS CHAPTER. ITS ON NBC. ON MONDAYS.         Josh’s POV Ah, crap. I don’t want…

Always Attract Chapter 3

  Chapter 3 Chuck, Sarah, and Casey walked into the ballroom and scanned the room for the man they had on file.  Nothing caught their eye, but…