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Chris Mintz-Plasse & Dave Franco

Hilarious fellas Chris Mintz-Plasse and Dave Franco have worked together on a couple of projects, like they're "You're So Hot" Funny or Die video and…
Patty Jan 30, 2013

Top 10 Celebrity Interviews Of 2012 (VIDEOS)

With the year coming to a swift end and the new year just peeking around the corner, many people come up with New Year's resolutions…
Patty Dec 30, 2012

BUZZNET Exclusive: Chris Mintz-Plasse Talks Bullies, Zombies & Sings! (VIDEO)

What do you get when you put together zombies, a star-studded cast and stop motion animation? You get the just-released flick ParaNorman! The film, which is about a…

Cutest Couple: Dave Franco

I seriously haven't done one of these in AGES! I'm sorry. There haven't been many 'couples' that have caught my attention, I suppose. Or I've…
pishelle May 22, 2012
Anton Yelchinpic

Anton Yelchin

17 pics
stephejo Dec 23, 2011

Want to Help Make a Movie by Dave Franco with Chris Mintz-Plasse?

Hey guys!  If any of you love Dave Franco like I do, please back him for his short film “Would You”.  He has two…
pishelle Aug 25, 2011
FTRC Episode 3: Interviews with Emma Thompson Kick-Ass' Chris Mintz Plassevid

FTRC Episode 3: Interviews with Emma Thompson & Kick-Ass' Chris Mintz Plasse

FTRC Exclusive: Emma Thompson talks smack about Mary Poppins at the Nanny McPhee premiere. Plus, Kick-Ass' Chris Mintz Plasse wants to poo money! See more at…
fromtheredcarpet Nov 02, 2010

Chris Mintz-Plasse; Mighty handsome, or is it just me ?(:

i really think Chris Mintz-Plasse is a very attractive person since Superbad. but in a mask, red hair, and leather ? just lovely. <3 i have…
tishamariemalfoy Jul 16, 2010