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Tina's Top 10 Albums of 2014

Whoever said that writing about music shouldn't be personal either had a big bowl of phooey for breakfast or they're just in the wrong profession…
Tina Dec 17, 2014

Album Review: Charli XCX's 'Sucker'

It’s here, suckers! Charli XCX released her killer sophomore effort, Sucker, today and I think at this point it’s safe to say that this album is…
Tina Dec 15, 2014

Battle of Rebellion: Charli XCX vs. Skye Sweetnam

Teenage rebellion has been a hot topic in music for as long as we can remember. We were in the heart of it growing up…
Tina Dec 09, 2014

COUNTDOWN: The Top 10 Music Videos of 2014

2014 - the year that EDM finally slowed down and we saw the rise of the jazz-infused pop song. And who can forget everyone catching…
cerisenicole Dec 08, 2014

WATCH: Charli XCX Premieres Retro 'Breaking Up' Music Video!

Charli XCX is at it again with a brand new music video! The punky-pop goddess has released a rather retro video for her song, "Breaking…
Tina Dec 03, 2014

Artist Of The Month: Charli XCX

Happy December! This year went by wayyy too fast! Fortunately, the month of December brings the festivities up a notch and with more new music…
Tina Dec 01, 2014

WATCH: Every Single Performance You Missed From Last Night's MTV EMAs

The MTV EMAs were last night in Scotland and the show did not disappoint. If you missed the show last night, don't worry! We've got…

LISTEN: Charli XCX Debuts Two New Songs!!!

The past few months have been crazy for 22-year old Charli XCX. After gaining commercial success from being featured on Iggy Azalea's mega hit Fancy…
rebeccahrose Sep 30, 2014

10 Essential Singles For September

This fall, tons of artists are releasing brand new material. That means its time to update your music libraries, and get hip to the new…
cerisenicole Sep 25, 2014

Charli XCX Pushes Back 'Sucker' Release Date

Sad news have come for Angels. Charli XCX has postponed the release of her sophomore album, Sucker, initially due out October 21st. The singer has decided the album…
Kenneth Sep 23, 2014

25 Albums To Watch For This Fall

I'm always looking for new music, and luckily this fall is going to be HUGE for a bunch of my favorite bands. Lots of awesome…
cerisenicole Sep 17, 2014

August Music Favorites!

Hello friends! I want to start a new segment on my page called "Music Favourites" or 'Favorites' for all my beautiful american readers out there...but yes…
Molly Jane
Molly Jane Aug 13, 2014

ARTIST TO WATCH: Little Daylight

Little Daylight, an alternative/synth-pop trio from Brooklyn, have so far made a name for themselves in the remix scene. Throughout their Soundcloud you can find awesome…
franki teevan
franki teevan Jul 16, 2014

Say Whaaaat? Misheard Song Lyrics

We've all done it before. Now, it's a lot more fun to admit it! Misheard lyrics are becoming all the rage lately, especially on Vine…
Tina Jul 16, 2014

Congrats To Iggy Azalea!

*Photo from Billboard*  A celebration is in order for rapper Iggy Azalea today because she is the longest female rapper to have a #1 ontop of…
reallygreg Jul 02, 2014