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Cool Solar Cellpic

Cool Solar Cell

photovoltaic ya'll!
connecticutsolar Oct 20, 2013
Cell phones to stay offline for 4 hours today In pakistanpic

Cell phones to stay offline for 4 hours today In pakistan

ISLAMABAD - Interior Minister Rehman Malik on Friday said cell phone services would be suspended in certain parts of the country for four hours on Saturday (today)…
mahajabeen Oct 26, 2012
Always on Displaypic

Always on Display

To me this has a very significant meaning,but I'm not going to tell you want that meaning is. I want you to look and find…
xbloodyxpumkinx Oct 23, 2011
365 Project. Day 4pic

365 Project. Day 4

Yeah, I'm not good at drawing... fucking cell, fucking Biology class !!! && I ate deliciously !!! hee hee Woke up today with a headache…
IMG 2962pic

IMG 2962

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mandac424 Jan 28, 2010
Day 9: I'm In Trouble,pic

Day 9: I'm In Trouble,

I'm so cliché, See that word just wears me out I got my new phone today. I haven't had one for about a month and I…
Taylor! Jan 09, 2010
IMG 2857pic

IMG 2857

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mandac424 Dec 13, 2009
July 26th.. I finally could see Ice Age3pic

July 26th.. I finally could see Ice Age3

And it was great!!! .. I really enjoyed.. I was trying to see this movie and I was thinking I couldnt.. but.. I find a…
nonoi Jul 31, 2009
3714269361 75eaae23b3 bpic

3714269361 75eaae23b3 b

July is full of birthdays in this family.
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Germbot Jul 18, 2009
The Finalized Cell Shirtpic

The Finalized Cell Shirt

Here it is. The final "Cell" t-shirt! Also available on a white shirt. Part of our new Fall 2009 line-up.
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eskrocks Jul 17, 2009
3533825161 ae015b47e6 bpic

3533825161 ae015b47e6 b

HAI COCOA! My sister, Carissa.
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Germbot Jul 13, 2009
My first phone picpic

My first phone pic

Look, it's my twenty-year-old stuffed rabbit, Blue Blue!
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Germbot Jul 12, 2009
My cell in the darkpic

My cell in the dark

Can you guess the person on my main cell pic? LOL
La Prum
La Prum May 07, 2009
babs was on the phonepic

babs was on the phone

we talked all night.. im so tired today :D do you phone all night sometimes?


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kittymake Mar 07, 2009