Cd Polls

Have you got your copy of 'First Temple' - Closure in Moscows, new album?

Closure in Moscow are a fantastic band. Very talented. :) So, for that reason you should have there album in your hot little hand, right…
liamwright May 27, 2009

Which song should Tila pick as her next single?

Ok so Im just curious what u guys think... so just cast your vote ;)
---- May 11, 2009

live or recorded?

which sounds great to you. a live show. unplugged. or straight from the cd?

what would you do?

your favorite band's cd leaks! you've been waiting for it since last year but it kept getting pushed back... what do you do?
sugarcoatedlies Apr 23, 2008

What is your single-suggestion?

What would be your suggestion for a single. Visit Indiestore and listen to 14 new songs.
gopanic Apr 23, 2008


you're at your favorite band's show and you only have enough money to buy one piece of's almost time to leave and you have…
musicnation Nov 06, 2007

What do you think of Ringles?

In an effort to safe the compact disc, Sony BMG Music Entertainment has developed the "ringle" which will feature a hit song, remix, an old…
djrossstar Sep 10, 2007

Will CDs still exist in five years?

Friday (August 17) is the 25th anniversary of the compact disc. The world's first CD was created at a Philips factory near Hanover, Germany. Since…
djrossstar Aug 16, 2007

Whats ur Fave MCR Vid??

ahh the hardest question that any mcr fan can answer. whats ur all timee favorite mcr video??? [[ comment for whatever video isnt there ]]…
iheartgerardwaymcrxo Jul 15, 2007