Casey Calvert

bon jour!

so this is my update on the new year. all i have to say is.... i got a new iphone 4 case. and it is effing rad!
Katie Cupcakes
Katie Cupcakes Jan 08, 2013
Casey Calvertpic

Casey Calvert

In loving tribute to Casey Calvert of Hawthorne Heights by request "And you will live on Our hearts will be stronger As we will made as one We would last…
Casey Calvertpic

Casey Calvert

RIP... and He'll be in our hearts forever [I just reminded him today listening to the beautiful sound of his guitar and all that words he…
siudelphia Jan 10, 2009
hawthorne heights and the picture framepic
R.I.P Casey Calvert October 22, 1981-November 24, 2007pic

R.I.P Casey Calvert (October 22, 1981-November 24, 2007)

This is one of my favorite pictures I took of him at the 2007 Vans Warped Tour in Jacksonville, Florida.
josie61188 Nov 24, 2008

Almost 1 Year..

Wow.. Time goes by so fast. Its here and then its gone.You loose people and fine new ones.Many of you might know what I'm talking…
lizziemurder Nov 23, 2008
Ohio is for elementary schoolers.vid

Ohio is for elementary schoolers.

One of the fifth graders my brother taught afterschool drama to. He's a regular Casey Calvert [rip] in the making.
rosalie anne
rosalie anne Sep 20, 2008
Jessica's Life Questionvid

Jessica's Life Question

Honestly, although I entered this as a response to Daveyboyz 'Life Questions' My first intention of creating it was for a small moment of tribute to…
Jessica Aug 11, 2008
Hawthorne Heights - Rescue Mevid

Hawthorne Heights - Rescue Me

Everytime I listen to this I get the chills. R.I.P. Casey
xolivelovehurtxo Aug 07, 2008
Fragile Futurepic

Fragile Future

My friends in Hawthorne Heights released their new record, Fragile Future, on Tuesday. I made it to Amoeba Records today to pick it up. I've…
trophyboys Aug 06, 2008

Hawthorne Heights - Fragile Future

I have been anxious for the new Hawthorne Heights cd for quite a while. From the opening lyrics of "The Business of Paper Stars" (a…
Rhianna Aug 06, 2008
lxaxh Jul 24, 2008


yeah this is kind of old news but we cant 4get him even if we want our ♥ 4eva!!
Miss.KittyKat[: Jun 23, 2008
hawthorne hights- saying sorryvid