Cartel Polls

What Fall Tour Has Got You (Fist) Pumped?

There are so many tours, and so little time! Which one are you dying to see?

Which 'Say Anything' Song Do You Like More?

Last week we jammed out to Say Anything's self-titled song off of Anarchy, My Dear (listen here) and in addition to loving the band, it…
breesays Jan 29, 2012

Which band do you like most?

Choose one of these bands as the one you like most!!
cartelfan4life Dec 03, 2007

Best Non-mainstream Band

Sure we all love Fall Out Boy, Panic! At the Disco, and My Chemical Romance, but what about the bands that aren't on the radio?…

Who can lay down better beats?

There are drummers out there that can pull of some awesome beats, but who do you think is better?
daveyxhavok Oct 29, 2007

Top of Powerpop ( which powerpop group reigns supreme?)

Lately the world of mainstream music has had it's fair dose powerpop wave. Everywhere from Japan the US of A and the UK are getting…
mlo324 Oct 19, 2007

Who is the best looking bald musician?

They say that bald is beautiful. However, not everyone can pull off the look. The following musicians have tried -- but have they failed? Who…
djrossstar Oct 12, 2007

wat is your fave song?

it bettr be an fob song lol jk jk