Caroline Manzo Celebrates 29th Wedding Anniversary

Hey you guys!! So... as SOME of you may already know.. the other day was my Aunt Caroline and Uncle Al's 29th wedding anniversary. (…
Caroline Trentinipic

Caroline Trentini

Caroline Trentini, Hilary Rhoda for Bally 2012 Campaign
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preciousstone Dec 11, 2012
Caroline Trentinipic

Caroline Trentini

  Caroline Trentini for Morena Rosa Shoes SS 2012
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preciousstone Nov 27, 2012
Caroline Trentinipic

Caroline Trentini

  Caroline Trentini for Morena Rosa Shoes SS 2013
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preciousstone Nov 21, 2012

'Vampire Diaries' Season 3 Finale: Deaths, Heartbreak & A Twist

If you have not watched the season finale of Vampire Diaries, season 3 then I suggest you please leave, go on your computer, TV, whatever…
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Naz Buzz May 11, 2012

Vampire Diaries Recap: Episode "Heart Of Darkness"

Who watched tonight's episode of Vampire Diaries, "Heart of Darkness?" You should have because it was one of the many great episodes this season! It…
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Naz Buzz Apr 19, 2012
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Untitled one.

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Sam Caroline Apr 16, 2012

What To Expect In Next Week's Episode Of 'Vampire Diaries'

Are you a Delena fan like me? YES!? Then you're sure to enjoy a scene between Damon and Elena in next week's episode titled "Heart…
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Naz Buzz Apr 13, 2012


angrylambie Feb 16, 2012
Caroline pic

Caroline ;*

I love this day!
pandorcia Jun 27, 2010

What about Now? Chap.2

 A week later I threw our duffel bags in the back of my red jeep and I hugged Cindy and Tasha(Cindy's mom) bye.  Caroline did the same…
falloutboyfan022 Jun 03, 2010

What about Now? Chap.1

 (Stephanie's Pov) I threw everything in my duffel and slid it under my bed.  I graduated high school last month and I turn 18 in a…
falloutboyfan022 Jun 02, 2010
Our Big Adventurepic
starrstrukk Jan 27, 2010
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