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How Authorities Focused Dr Wakefield After Vaccine Report

Where do you get Multilevel marketing leads? I'm not talking about how to discover a entire bunch of individuals who have NO curiosity in you…
pilotdoor0 Feb 11, 2014

DIY Saturday with Christian

Today I had a DIY day with Christian, we hung out, listened to Jeffree Star, Dune, Almost Alice, Spice Girls, Eminem and Paramore *we love…
christinemader Nov 20, 2010

Bailey Button Triplet

Annan makes it very clear that charity work is something that should come naturally and not be forced. When asked which celebrities she thinks play…
jabulani Oct 12, 2010

Cute Little Crafts

  I love making my own stuff, though I haven't in awhile for lack of stuff. This summer seems to be turning out as one week it's…
Sarah Attila
Sarah Attila Jun 18, 2010