Wings and Rockspic

Wings and Rocks

Spring is all over in Hungary these days. I took this photo of the butterfly on a sunny walk with Colin, when I took him…
dora Apr 12, 2014
Spread Your Wingspic

Spread Your Wings

This unique photograph of a distinctive butterfly was taken in Runcorn, England.  I like the way the image almost looks 3D with the shadow of…
amylj Apr 10, 2014
Stratford Butterfly Farm - A Shade of Bluepic

Stratford Butterfly Farm - A Shade of Blue

There were a lot of Butterfly's there, but they were all gorgeous.
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5footer Mar 20, 2014
Stripes on Butterflypic

Stripes on Butterfly

I posted this picture a couple of days ago but it did not upload, so I am hoping it will today.  Keeping everything crossed.   On…
5footer Feb 13, 2014
Striped Butterflypic

Striped Butterfly

I looked on the internet, and all I could find that it was a Striped Butterfly, I thought it would have a really fancy name…
5footer Feb 09, 2014
The Butterfly Effectpic

The Butterfly Effect

A gorgeous butterfly from the St. Louis Zoo! It was happy to pose for me! Click full size please!! (The spring semester starts tomorrow....bleeeeeeeh)
butterfly earringspic

2013 Photo Roundup

nbsp;       As I look back on my 2013 I've truly realized all of the wonderful things that I got to do! The beginning of the…