The Best Home Remedies For Constipation: Sweet, Herbal And Safe And Effective

The Cabbage Soup Diet has been getting great testimonials from pastimes undergone the diet. Some can attest that they have lost over ten pounds in…
lampgarlic May 19, 2014

Home Remedies For Teeth Bleaching That Give Amazing Results

Maintaining good movement of one's bowels is really a matter of acting to prevent constipation regarding curing the product. Prevention measures for good bowel movement…
olensubway May 16, 2014
When the fire burst...pic

When the fire burst...

or in french "Quand le feu ├ęclate..." After several weeks under the rain, yesterday we could a barbecue!! Yes we did it: our first barbecue…
Audrey M.
Audrey M. May 03, 2012
Glowing radioactive ostriches roaming the night in Japanpic

Glowing radioactive ostriches roaming the night in Japan

angrylambie Dec 17, 2011
Day 94100: Every breath I take is one breath closer to death.pic

Day 94/100: "Every breath I take is one breath closer to death."

--Not sure Ohmygosh Only seven more days until this project is OVER! :O Twitter stalk me:
Just BreathDpic

Just Breath;D

I took this picture of my friend Jillian and edited to make it one of the annoying stereotypical tumblr pictures xD
xoxokatiehaasxoxo Jan 03, 2011

Breath. Life. Words missing.

Words missing. Overrunning you. Letting you injured lying on the dusty streets . The sky so blue. Bluer than usual. What a blue? You do…
mairarae Nov 20, 2010
Dead Roses and Baby Breathpic


Capter 2 of 2   i took a deep breath. 'this is for you josh' i said into the mic. i started playing my guitar, then let…

Breath Chapter 1

BreathChapter 1  of 2 So ive decided to jot down this short storie. it is also a school thing and i truly apoligize in advanced for the few…
Britney Spears in Tampapic

Britney Spears in Tampa

Britney Spears Concert in Tampa, Florida on March 8, 2009
jessiest Mar 09, 2009

gloom & doom abound - take a breath!

So, it's been a little chaotic 'round here.  my head hurts today.  i'm hoping a little painting will work it out, but i'm not holding…
insidious Feb 24, 2009
i'll wait for an angel, but i won't hold my breathpic

i'll wait for an angel, but i won't hold my breath

'magine they're busy, think i'm doing okay... love... love...
libras Feb 12, 2009

'Cause I will be the death of you.

i should be doing homework=/ there's a lot to do,like bunches of hmwk,clean my room(which i won't do),do laundry,organize my mind...i need a new phone,new…
Gabyy M;
Gabyy M; Oct 17, 2008