melodyerin Sep 16, 2014
My DIY Pastel Faerie Princess Rainbow Hairpic

My DIY Pastel Faerie Princess Rainbow Hair

(self-portrait) I experimented with some Manic panic, Special Effects, and Ion colors to create a  mix of water color rainbow hues in my hair.
Nefertara Jul 02, 2014
Grunge Faeriepic

Grunge Faerie

Grungey faerie rocker inspired look. Braided pastel watercolor hair, flower crown by me , and satin peach halter.
Nefertara Jun 23, 2014

Get the 'Game of Thrones' Braids!

Love the intricate and beautiful braids shown on 'The Game of Thrones,' Here's how to do it at home. -PJ Gach Been trying to figure out how…
PJ Gach
PJ Gach Jun 13, 2014