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What's Your Favorite Song Off All Time Low's 'Don't Panic'?

As many of you may know, All Time Low just released their fifth studio album, 'Don't Panic'. Lately I've heard everybody talking about it, and…

POLL: Favorite All Time Low Record

So All Time Low is getting ready to give us a new record soon, but what has been your favorite so far!? I am going…

Battle Of The Bands

Who's your favourite band?? Decide Now!!

So... Haden Or Paden?

You know they don't look EXSACTLY the same, so, Haden? Or Paden?

Which character do you think Nate Archibald should date on Gossip Girl?

I'm a closet gossip girl fan..I mean, who isn't? With episodes set to begin again next week I thought I'd ask you guys who you…

Boys with tattoos?

Alotta of boys these days have tattoos. hot or not?
cameragirl Dec 21, 2009

what kind of guys do you like

i was bored when i made this so don't be mean this is for girls only [and gays an bi's if you want]
electricxxicexx Nov 14, 2009

Who should i go out with?

Im so confused!! I like them all at one point but now there all here!!!!

Whats kind of boy is the hottest ???

Okay first off what genre.... I am going to but pics but its not that boy in general its the GENRE of the boy.... Thax…
emogirl27 Dec 08, 2007