Frerard will never die!vid

Frerard will never die!

Hehe, another of my videos. I was a bit bored so enjoy it.
yakeenromance Jul 31, 2008

Chapter 6

- AGH i finaly could get rid of that girl. Jee. - Said Ryan, sitting beside his bandmates and leaning his head over Brendon's shoulders…
angie c. ♥
angie c. ♥ Apr 29, 2008

---"Bitter For Sweet" Sec XXIII---

Bitter For SweetSec XXIII   (Split POV)   <<Aiden's POV>>   The Alt Girl's table seemed so far away from my own I didn't think I could make it all…

---"Bitter For Sweet" Sec XXI---

Bitter For SweetSec XXI   (Split POV)   <<Addie's POV>>  Maybe I should start keeping a journal or something, I thought. I had read somewhere that…
Last year at my schoolpic

For the Mildly Inspiring and Choreographed xxPart 7xx Fully Alive, I'm Almost Ready to Smile

I opened my honey brown eyes and looked into Brendon's dark black ones. We had finally came in from the rain. First thing I did…

.:.:.:. F. Iero + M. Way .:.:.:. Beautiful But Forbidden .:.:.:. F. Iero + M. Way .:.:.:.

WARNING: Huge discriptive boysex scene. If you don't like that then I wouldn't read this one shot because that's pretty much all that this consists…
petemad30 Aug 01, 2007

[Ryan Ross] For the Mildly Inspiring and Choreographed [Brendion Urie] xxPart 6xx ~Your Beautiful Sky, The Light You Bring

Ryans POV The night was chillingly cold. I stood on the street corner getting drenched in the icy rain. It's easier this way, so no one…
Boy Lovepic

Boy Love

can't they get a room?
colossalxxxgirl May 06, 2007
gerard and mikeypic