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Life Through Meghan: The Bad & The Better

HELLO! I know I haven't really been consitant with posting here this summer. I've been busier than I thought I would be, with work going…

The Definitive Guide To Becoming A Good Leader

{Given the many different leadership styles out there, and the different sorts of leadership you may be called on to provide, it can be tricky…
peanut3coat Jul 25, 2014

The 7 benefits of press releases Indepentent author suggestions

7 benefits of press release distribution for indepentent authors Every authors can benefit by way of a press release distribution. Regardless what genre you are in…
manxgrip Jul 15, 2014

TBR jar

I got this idea from vloggers on YouTube. My TBR (to be read) pile is getting bigger and I've barely made a dent in it…
heatherogorman Jul 13, 2014

Thursday July 10th Author Robert Ruisi Hazlet NJ releases a new book

Author Robert L Ruisi of Hazlet New Jersey has just release the long awaited I Done Did It. Yeah, I Did! A 54 Story Anthology…
harpjason Jul 10, 2014

How to Merchandise a Book Indepentent Author Guidelines

The Psychology of Merchandising a Book Keys to the psychology of merchandising for successful book sales Writing a story is virtually simple in contrast to deciding on…
darrylcd Jul 07, 2014


High 200 Books Welcome and thank you for visiting Prometheus Books on-line. Prometheus has been a pacesetter in publishing books for the academic, scientific, professional, library…
protectiveeyesi58 Jun 30, 2014

Life Through Meghan: Are You Ready For This?

Hey everyone. I know I've been pretty MIA the last couple weeks or so. I've been working non-stop this weekend, and still going haha so…
izshkabobula Jun 30, 2014

How to Merchandise a Book Indie Author Points

The Psychology of Merchandising a Book Points to the psychology of merchandising for your books' winning selling Writing a manuscript is almost simple in contrast to choosing…
crocusloyd Jun 27, 2014

Watch the Fox pilot for the TV adaptation of the Delirium series by Lauren Oliver!

nbsp;   The news about the [rejected] pilot for the TV drama adaptation of the dystopian YA book trilogy, Delirium by Lauren Oliver, brought the Delirium…
mykindofcrazy Jun 25, 2014

YouTube Wednesday: Danielle, fashion, health...the guru with all the answers

nbsp;      Hello people of the internet!!! On today’s ‘YouTube Wednesday’, we are going to discuss a beauty/fashion/health guru/blogger/and vlogger, who is about to take the…
celindareyes Jun 11, 2014

Life Through Meghan: Home Sweet Home

I AM BACK! Hello all. I've landed back to the great white north yesterday afternoon. It's so good to be home. I had such a…

The Mortal Instruments: City of Heavenly Fire excitement!

The Mortal Instruments is an incredible book series written by Cassandra Clare and is a series i have followed for many years! However, the series…
georgiajinxx May 26, 2014

Exclusive: Interview With C.J. Daugherty

A few days ago I mentioned you about the wonderful "Night School" series by C.J. Daugherty.  And I have a huge surprise for you. I…
Forbidden May 10, 2014

Life Through Meghan: April Showers

It seems April showers came late this year, we're just getting them now. We have had sunny days, but they have been cold. I can't…
izshkabobula Apr 30, 2014