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LaRissa Vienna
LaRissa Vienna Mar 07, 2014
Show Us Your Tatts: Feat. Adam Levinepic

Thought Blog: Taking Tattoos To The Extreme

Hey Buzzies.  I felt the need to make this Thought Blog based on a topic many of you seem to have opinions and interest in: Tattoos.  I…
Brittany Lee
Brittany Lee May 07, 2013
Babe Alert: Bradley Soileaupic
Babe Alert: Bradley Soileaupic
Tattoo Artist Spotlight: Michael Blackstonepic
My Favorite Girl Tattoospic

Our Last Night Releases Music Video For "Fate"

Hey Music Fans,  You may recognize the band name Our Last Night from well...them being awesome, but also from some past posts I did on them…
Brittany Lee
Brittany Lee Jan 23, 2013
Show Off Your Tatts: Feat. Of Mice And Men's Very Own Austin Carlilepic
My Little Pony Tattoospic
kaytrudel Oct 04, 2012 Originally by ashleeholmes
My Little Pony Tattoospic
50 Of The Craziest FACE Tattoos Ever!pic

50 Of The Craziest FACE Tattoos Ever!

We love you, zombie boy ;)
kaytrudel Aug 27, 2012 Originally by keltiecolleen
50 Of The Craziest FACE Tattoos Ever!pic
Best friends doesn't even begin to cover this.pic

Best friends doesn't even begin to cover this.

This previous Friday, the third of February, I got my second tattoo - on display in the above photo of me. It is on the…
sawdustinthebourbon Feb 05, 2012

Ear Stapling, my next big thing!

So I've been looking into this whole "ear stapling acupuncture weight loss" thing for awhile. Especially since the ABQ Cottonwood Mall has recently opened the…
jensenelayne Dec 26, 2011