Love and a .38 The Roxypic

Love and a .38 @ The Roxy

This kick-ass rock band was one of the other bands playing at that Roxy show in November...They had a great stage presence and I had…
samigirlb Jan 22, 2013
Faded Images...pic

Faded Images...

This caught my eye yesterday...It may be faded,but that's what i love about it! and the colors, whether printed that way or from being exposed…
samigirlb Aug 01, 2012
Some Hollywood Characterpic

Some Hollywood Character

You can see all sorts of things on any given day in Hollywood...Case in point this gentleman here.... interesting headpiece, don't you think? :P 
samigirlb Jul 16, 2012
One Night At The Viper Room...pic

One Night At The Viper Room...

7/13/12: Their last LA show before they embark on a european tour, Warner Drive rocked the roof at the Sunset Strip's Viper Room....
samigirlb Jul 15, 2012
And If You'll Look To Your Right...pic

And If You'll Look To Your Right...

As we continue along the historic Hollywood Blvd, we have the house that crazy built....but aside from the scientology building, i love the view,and there's…
samigirlb Jul 13, 2012


This is a photo of me modelling a varsity jacket for Totally awesome! Check them out!
Possy Jul 12, 2011