The 2013 Oscars: My Picks

Did you guys have fun with the polls?  It all leads up to tonight! Just hours away, and I really hope I can con my…
pishelle Feb 24, 2013

The Oscar Goes To... Best Picture Edition

Tomorrow, tomorrow, the Oscars are tomorrow, it's only a day AWAYYY! Yeah, I just went in on that one. Don't judge. I'm excited, if you…
pishelle Feb 23, 2013

The Oscar Goes To... Best Actress Edition

You guys picked out your favorite movies yesterday, now it's time to pick who your favorite Actress of the Year is! It's kind of tough…
pishelle Feb 21, 2013

Beasts of the Southern Wild

Do Yourself a favor and see it.....
beatlegeuse Aug 22, 2012