Celebs Behaving Badly: Justin Bieberpic

Celebs Behaving Badly: Justin Bieber

Don't let that baby face fool ya: Justin Bieber has been quite the naughty one these days! Even before his split with Selena Gomez, the…
Patty Jan 23, 2013
I Don't Think It's Workingvid

I Don't Think It's Working

And with all the fuschia tracers from Miss Star and my unsteady hand, would you argue? This fragment in time was after we cut right to…

Britney Spears Clumsy, Has Bad Manners

According to City Rag, the only  thing hick millionaire Britney Spears likes dropping more than babies is handfuls of change.Perhaps busy speculating on the quality…
poxline Jan 26, 2007
The Affairpic

The Affair

Shit happens. The guy with the phone moved up to the edge of the water sculpture to get a better view. behind wide open doors
ooo May 25, 2005