As Cities Burn

part my ribs like the sea and change me,

'cause stone doesn't beat and rock hearts don't pump anything. but i've grown not to mind because at least stone doesn't sling like blood or…
shelbyyym Oct 12, 2009
What's it look like from your side?pic

What's it look like from your side?

"from here I can't see why it's worth one more coming out cursed". i knew this was coming. old downloaded songs that i forgot about. specifically…
shelbyyym Sep 19, 2009
mayday parade 02-17-08pic

mayday parade [02-17-08]

Tooth and Nail Presents...
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itsjustleakhena Jul 19, 2008
As Cities Burnpic

As Cities Burn

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SandeeDandee Feb 24, 2008
as cities burnpic
Red Letter Reason Promovid

Red Letter Reason Promo

Our Promo for Provo
redletterreason Nov 19, 2007
As Citites Burn Vibe Loungepic

As cities burn. woop woop!

I'm going to their first show here @ Puerto Rico in Clay cup tonight. but I need clothes, im gonna buy some in awhile at the mall with my…
reinabearcore Mar 30, 2007

last show for TJ and pascal in arkyland

tomorrow, well technically tonight, is the last show for tj bonnette and pascal barone of as cities burn to perform in arkansas. this band has changed…
anotherbadpoet Dec 21, 2006


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afiaddiction Aug 01, 2006
as cities burnpic
madradjessica Jul 23, 2006