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From The Indie Vault: Betty Moon

Betty Moon – For fans of: Garbage, Massive Attack, Sade

Betty Moon has paid her dues. After signing to A&M Records in 1990…

Song Of The Day: “Vigilante” by Kai Exos

Kai Exos is about to make his mark in the music world. Seamlessly blending Motown-era soul, jazz and late 1970’s lo-fi rock, Exos manages…

Scarlett Rabe Isn’t Sorry in ‘Battle Cry’ Lyric Video

You’re going to want to know Scarlett Rabe by the time you are finished reading this. Rabe has been a piano prodigy since…

Bands To Buzz About Winter ’13/14 Round Up

Spring is only a week away! It is time for new things (or in this case, bands/artists) to bloom. Here is what you may have missed this winter.

Night Terrors of 1927

7 Exceptional Covers From Buzzworthy Artists

Cover songs are a way for artists to pay homage to their favorites. It also gives them the opportunity to branch out of their comfort zones and create something different than what fans are used…

The 8 New Artists of 2013 That You Should Know By Now

It’s crazy to think that 2013 is almost coming to an end. There’s no doubt that this year was a great year for new music. These 8 bands made a splash not only here on Buzznet, but on our iPods as well, and 2014 will be an even bigger year for them! If you haven’t… More »

To Stream or Not To Stream?

^ LOL. A stream.


Back when I was a teenager, (as opposed to the old fart I am now)…

Twisted Disney Princesses

I always love finding new art and the extremely talented artists who create it! This amazing photo series puts a little spin on the typical Disney princesses. Drawn by Jeffrey Thomas – an incredible character designer and story artist – who transformed these leading ladies into their evil alter egos. So #BubbleGothTastic!! Look through the… More »

The Influx Of Lyric Videos

For the past few years, lyric videos have become a must for practically every artist and a companion to the music video. When they first started to pop up on YouTube, I thought they’d be…

Music Obsession: Purity Ring

To those of you that don’t know, I have always been a sucker for a good music duo.  One duo in particular that I really love is Purity Ring.  I first…