The ability of Tattooing as well as becoming a Tattoo Artist

It may look slightly grandiose to talk about "the art of tattooing," but if you are truly familiar with what assumes as being a professional…
rugbypoint9 May 16, 2015

The skill of Tattooing and achieving a Tattoo Artist

You may be thinking a little bit grandiose to speak about "the art of tattooing," properly are truly accustomed to what adopts like a professional…
rugbypoint9 May 15, 2015
LMT Connection with Leroy Emmanualpic

LMT Connection with Leroy Emmanual

Now here is an incredible R&B/Soul/Funk band to check out.  Have a look and a listen to the amazing studio and live works of LMT…
cadillac77 May 01, 2015

Wedding Mehndi Designs: Create Your Own Henna Mehndi Designs

Tattoo designs or tattoo is actually a technique for expressing the inner emotional desires from the soul with the decorations with intricate shapes and colors…
firclass7 Feb 02, 2015
E.G. Collins - from a gallery at Hard Rock Memphispic
Happy Birthday to Jimmy Page, who turns 71 today . . . born January 9, 1944pic
E.G. Collins . . . an artists rendition. From a gallery at Hard Rock Memphis.pic

Bands To Buzz About Fall '14 Round Up

It's beginning to feel a lot like winter! Fall's leaves are long gone and it is time for a new season and a brand new…
Tina Dec 10, 2014